Jesus and Ladies in the New Testament

You can listen to these one day at a time for a brief time of devotion. They are mostly around 2 minutes. They also can be downloaded. I pray that they bless your life. Go back to the main devotional page if you want from here

Anna was imprisoned by circumstances but she waited......
The Cannanite woman wasn't part of the crowd we liked
Elizabeth was a woman who understood when important things were happening
The Girl who was raised from the dead can tell us about our lives
James and John's Mom's plan wasn't Jesus' plan
Jesus and his Mom when he was a kid - how do you treat your parents?
Jesus' Mom understood Jesus and what he needed to do
Two Sisters and different ways they reacted when Jesus came near
Two Sisters and how they reacted when Jesus disappointed them
The sister who was really disappointed in Jesus reacts in sorrow
Mary Magdalene was the one Jesus showed up to
Mary Magdalene was a woman who didn't give up easily
Peter's Mother in Law is an example of how you react to Jesus touching your life
Pilate's wife never even met Jesus, but she knew what she knew about him
The Women who followed Jesus and cared about him are a good example to us.
A widow gives an example of sacrifice
An only son is touched by Jesus as he is mourned by his Mom
A Woman is brought before Jesus and Jesus doesn't let her off the hook
A Sinful woman treats Jesus in a socially unacceptable way
A Desperate woman reaches out to Jesus
A Foreign Woman is surprised and changed by Jesus
Mary and her friends served Jesus

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